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"Thank you to World Surgery Tour TV! Every surgeon now has the opportunity to watch and learn from world-class experts as they perform highly difficult surgeries, in this pioneering and entertaining format! I think this is a wonderful educational opportunity to share knowledge that will result in better treatment outcomes for all our patients."

Dr. Peter Millett

The Steadman Clinic, US

<p><span class="font-bold"><span class="text-lg">Dr. Peter Millett</span></span></p>, <p><span style="color: rgba(117,111,111,1);" >The Steadman Clinic, US</span></p>

Learn From Leading Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeons

In the fast-paced world of surgery and orthopedic medicine, staying up to date is critical to successful outcomes. With World Surgery Tour TV, you can watch and learn from experts in orthopedic medicine. Listen as medical professionals discuss and perform many of today’s most innovative - and riskiest - surgical procedures.

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3 Engaging Formats

Expert Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeons from all over the world have come to your home.

Scientific Demonstration

Our experts demonstrate highly complex procedures on pre-injured human specimens. Top surgeons present the latest techniques and the most recent technology in real-life situations. Learn from their experience and understand the advantages and limitations of each approach.

Surgical Battle

For this exciting format, two teams of world-leading surgeons are presented with the same life-like case. Our experts demonstrate different techniques for treating this issue. Follow along as they compare their approaches and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each technique. Learn from the best and find out which surgical method is the best for your next surgery and what you need to consider.

Academic Debate Club

Top surgeons come together to challenge studies and controversial philosophies. Follow highly interactive discussions on complex orthopedic and traumatology cases. Learn about the added value of the latest technical innovations. Experts will tell you all about the pros and cons of different techniques, and you'll know when it's best to use them.

The Academic Debate Club videos are coming soon!


Take this opportunity to meet the most renowned people in medical education. In this series, they discuss the evolution and transformation of surgical education and the challenges they face in their professional lives.

Be inspired and learn more about their motivation! Get to know more about their career path and find out how they got to where they are now - the most successful in their field. Take away useful lessons for your own career.

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  • Global medical experts offering guidance on innovative new methods.

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